Our mission is to empower every individual, enterprise and community to autonomously direct how they generate, store and use electricity based upon direct current (DC) technology.

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The future is

Our society is becoming more energy efficient, which implies a shift towards electricity for transport and heating.

The future is

The advent of solar photovoltaics, battery storage and fuel cells enables communities to generate and store their electricity locally.

The future is
power electronics

Power electronics are the hidden feature of our electricity provision. They are the indispensible interface between solar photovoltaics, storage, electric vehicles, energy efficient lighting and the grid.

Simply DC.

DC means simplicity. Because over 60% of all equipment natively runs on DC, the power electronic converters are greatly simplified. Furthermore, DC microgrids can operate autonomously and continuously, whenever profitable or in case of emergency. DC is the corner stone of the grid 2.0.

We guide you from the initial feasibility assessment towards commissioning your DC microgrid.


Together with you, we identify the opportunities that DC microgrids yield for your specific use case. We define various concepts and assess their feasibility on both the technical and regulatory level. Our system-level expertise as well as our background regarding regulatory and standardization aspects, makes us the perfect partner to conduct this activity. The DC microgrid concepts are elaborated and evaluated in-depth, such that well-informed investment decisions can be made.


Depending on your use case, you may require specific hardware and software in order to control and protect your DC microgrid. In case of missing hardware and software components, our technology development team is prepared to tackle these barriers, tailored to your needs. We have expertise on power converter prototyping and development, real-time control and protection of DC microgrids. Together we define the specifications and elaborate hardware and software solutions.


DC microgrids require both component-level and system-level expertise to make things work. Their voltage and current dynamics fundamentally differ from what we are used to in AC power systems today. Based upon the initial concept, we can engineer a full-scale DC microgrid that offers you the reliability and efficiency you need. This activity involves amongst others selecting the appropriate hardware, configuring the voltage controllers, defining test procedures and conducting upfront grid stability studies.

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